Gary & Kevin's Sailing Vacation in the British Virgin Islands

February 2-9, 2002

Feb 2: Flew from Colorado to Dallas, Dallas to Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rico to Beef Island. We then took a cab ride from Beef Island to Tortola. The ride more resembled a careening roller coaster than an actual road. Plus, Tortolans drive like maniacs and on the wrong side of the road. Harrowing.
Feb 3: Did our sailboat/weather briefing. Despite it being quite warm (perpetually 75F at night and 80F during the day), it rained all day and prevented us from leaving. We hung out on the boat.
Feb 4: Under the command of Captain Gary, we sailed all the way from Tortola to the opposite side of Virgin Gorda where we did some relaxing.
Feb 5: We sailed back around the north end of Virgin Gorda and stopped at Savannah Beach for some snorkeling and swimming. With a storm approaching Virgin Gorda from the east, we fled back across the Sir Francis Drake Channel and moored southwest of Marina Cay, a cute little island east of Tortola. We did a little swimming and relaxing.
Feb 6: We sailed back across the channel and visited The Baths, short for "Batholiths" (large boulders that go deep into the water). The giant boulders form interesting labyrithine caves that are partially submerged and partially on land. Very cool. After lunch we sailed down and moored in Sprat Bay on Peter Island. The island is home to a 5-star resort with a beautiful beach in Deadman's Bay.
Feb 7: Next we sailed around to the other side of Norman Island, more popularly known as Treasure Island (yes, inspiration for the book). We snorkeled in the caves and had dinner on a ship named Willy T's. Sorry, the camera was out of batteries at this point! :-( See Willy T's web site for some, er.... interesting photos.
Feb 8: We sailed back across the channel and returned to our slip at The Moorings on Tortola. We spent the rest of the day relaxing in the pool.
Feb 9: We got up early and headed to the airport. Another scary cab ride, Beef Island to Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico to Miami, and Miami home to Colorado. What an awesome vacation... but it's good to be home.