The following are the notable costumes I've created, most recent first:
2008Hudson HorstachioA costume reproduction of one of the lead characters in the Saturday morning cartoon/video game
2007(void*)Pronounced "VoidStar" -- an all-black lycra suit with a canid head made of carbon fiber and LED-sequencing eyes
2005The Fourth Horse-man: DeathA toss-together halloween costume
2002MechaWolfA 9'4" (2.5m) tall wolf "mech".
2001Neon Man / Neon AnubisA costume for the dark; neon wire strung in body segments over the surface of a velcro/nylon harness.
1999-2000Dark City "Strangers"A custom leather outfit in the style of the "Strangers" characters in the movie "Dark City".
1997-1998Triggur & V'rilTwo anthropomorphic horse masks in slip-cast latex. Includes a step-by-step how-to on producing masks like these.
1996-1997Sir KarlAn anthropomorphic deer knight costume. My first exploration into animatronics.
1995Red DemonHome-made prosthetics. Freaked out a deeply religious co-worker.

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