I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in a training burn with the Evans Fire Department, Evans, Colorado.

That's me!

There was actually 4 engines there, plus collateral vehicles. One was idling in case a call came in during the training.

The training building. It's designed to stage many many training fires in a somewhat more predictable training environment than an actual house (often condemned houses/buildings are used for training).

Going in the first time. I'm the one in the middle, behind the nozzle man.

Acting as backup for an upstairs fire. Captain Standen's on the ground.

Coming out. I'm the one on the right, Chief Surbeck's in the middle.

All told, this was an awesome experience. I have nothing but admiration for the people who do this every day.

Thanks especially to Captain Standen for getting me in there and to Chief Surbeck for inviting me, as well as all the people in the Evans, Loveland, Milliken, and La Salle fire departments. May the training keep them safe.

Kevin Kelm