What IS Phrenology?

Back a long damn time ago some people thought that you could determine someone's personality by mapping the little bumps on their head to different behaviors. A big bump, I think, meant a predisposition to the corresponding behavior-- a small bump or concavity meant the opposite.

Kinda goofy, really.

If I believed in it, I'd map the human brain as follows:

What is PhrenoTHERAPY?

It's a bold new discipline (actually I made it up). Whereas phrenology STUDIES the bumps to determine personality, phrenotherapy CHANGES personality by causing NEW bumps. A wooden mallet might work. For example:

Oddly enough, I've been banned by 11 major hospitals from practicing this. I guess they just aren't interested in scientific progress. Losers.

I've seen enough. I'm scared and I want to leave now.

Copyright (C) 1996, 1997 by Kevin Kelm